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For 50 years, Les Girls Theater has been a Geiger counter for the darker underbelly of San Diego County, big church politics and shenanigans. There is something about Les Girls that sheds a light on what really lies beneath the facade of the powerful who act brazenly at and around the theater, in a manner not seen by mainstream society. Right out of the starting gate, Les Girls Theater called in the State Attorney General with the subsequent 1970 State Attorney General Report which exposed the sexual abuse towards women requiring work permits by City Officials, along with the graft and corruption taking place throughout San Diego licensing. Heaven or Hell Series shares the edgy theatrical DNA of LET IT ALL HANG OUT, which was the long-running test-case play that opened the theater doors in 1969, when Les Girls Theater made landmark courtroom history at the same time HAIR and OH CALCUTTA were taking the same stance for First Amendment Rights in front of courts nationwide. Les Girls Theater has always been about “not being a silent bystander” to the ongoing abuse of power and prejudice seen locally and nationally. “Like the encroachment of populism in 1930s Germany.”  We are for diversity and against Fascism. Let’s call out the Good Ol Boys for what they are: political/religious/economic parties, claiming to represent the interests of the common people. We hope that you will support our show in Les Girls Theater, a venue unchanged in decor since its opening 50 years ago, where it began with Burlesque artists, such as comic Eddie Ware, Jimmy Stein, Corky Corlene and Sara Lee. It’s old school burlesque stage is perfect for our Heaven or Hell series.  Tickets available online at or at door. $10

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