Premiere: Bones Abide (new show), joins the award-winning Heaven or Hell series.  Bones Abide, following performances for Lahti Finland Fringe (2021) and Idyllwild's Rustic Theatre (2022), is home!! See us in San Diego's International Fringe Festival (June 2-12, 2022) We perform June 5 & 12, 3pm,  and June 10-11, 7pm at Les Girls Theater, 3790 Riley Street, San Diego, CA 92110  Tickets at door or online at goldencorpsetheater. com

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Bones Abide opens in 1933 Stingeree B on San Diego’s State and C. Najelle, the mistress of the Cabaret, shares the stage with her Hollywood icon parts. Together they travel back in time to 1915 Armenia and then return to the Cabaret, broken yet with a will to survive.

A captivating blend of dark modern dance, lit ArtBurlesque and spoken word exploring social injustice through the eyes of Najelle, a child survivor of the Armenian genocide (based on her grandmother's true story with some fiction such as DID). Najelle, in order to survive the war, developed a multiple personality (DID) -creative license). In Bones Abide, she shares the stage with her parts to make a complex tale of struggle and recovery. 


Since 2002 Golden Corpse has brought to the stage its eclectic mix of ArtBurlesque, Modern Dance, Body Ritual Energy and witty Metaphor. Through edgy dance theater Kata Pierce-Morgan exposes the underbelly of San Diego’s history spanning decades with its shaker-mover politicians, stormy strippers, land-grabbing preachers and renegade police all roaming the city’s web of righteously turbulent streets cloaked in sex hypocrisy and the Good Ol’ Boys’ Code of Silence. On stage Golden Corpse strives to move beyond the societal ruckus to recover what matters as we journey from dark to light, from hell to heaven.

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