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  • February 28-29, 2020  7:30pm

  • White Box Theater, Liberty Station

  • Heaven or Hell 3: San Diego '71

  • Based on what really happened!

  • 1971 San Diego, a rough town: Sex! Corruption! Betrayal! Salvation! Meet the denizens of downtown 1971 Broadway: Sailor, Pimp, Lady Puff, Nefertiti, Ghost Nun and Shadowman. AND the Ghost Monks.  AND still true today!

  • Show's Welcoming Intro ...

  • Disneyland, we are not. No Dopey or Doc,
    Or Prince Charming on steed Astor,
    trotting through the pasture
    Of legumes and cereal grasses…
    none of that crock of bliss
    borne by a milky-skinned Miss.

  • We had Dealer, Squealer, Smoker AND Fuzz,
    Doper, Moper and higher-than-a kite Hoper
    Rounding off our downtown seven,
    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to Heaven!  

  • A captivating blend of dark modern dance and lit ArtBurlesque exploring what it was like then and what it is like today, almost a half century later!.


  • Since 2002 Golden Corpse has brought to the stage its eclectic mix of ArtBurlesque, Modern Dance, Body Ritual Energy and witty Metaphor. Through edgy dance theater Kata Pierce-Morgan exposes the underbelly of San Diego’s history spanning decades with its shaker-mover politicians, stormy strippers, land-grabbing preachers and renegade police all roaming the city’s web of righteously turbulent streets cloaked in sex hypocrisy and the Good Ol’ Boys’ Code of Silence. On stage Golden Corpse strives to move beyond the societal ruckus to recover what matters as we journey from dark to light, from hell to heaven.

  • Plus stay tune for Heaven or Hell 4, coming in 2020.

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