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Heaven or Hell 6: No Regrets (2024) uncovers the sinister underbelly of San Diego in the late 60's when corrupt cops falsified evidence  and raided the startled strippers at the Left Bank Nightclub, the precursor to Les Girls Theater. A mix of modern dance and burlesque, No Regrets is framed y the original gorgeous costumes worn then and brought to life by the haunting real life audio of stripper, beat cop, hooker, Vice Captain and more, taken from the decades of stored Les Girls archives. Accented with live jazz. Italian Giallo-influence of the 60's, and unique props, No Regrets makes theater history. 

Heaven or Hell 5: Censored Heart (2023) a dramedy "mixed with message, memory, madness, and murder". Counter-culture Beatniks, virginal forest maids, scatting attorneys, howling harpies, and one unicorn-headed knight face-off in a sex-infused protest about what happens when society represses the human spirit

Heaven or Hell 4: Bones Abide (2021-2022) opens in 1933 Stingeree B on San Diego's State and C. Najelle, the mistress of the Cabaret, shares the stage with her Hollywood icon parts. Together they travel back in time to 1915 Armenia and then return to the Cabaret, broken yet with a will to survive. 

Heaven or Hell 3: San Diego (2020) explores the dark underbelly of San Diego in the 1970s!  The truth about our complex town. Meet the Pimp, Stripper, Sailor, Streetwalker, Ghost Nun and her motley crew of monks.

Heaven or Hell 2: The Journey of Memorie (2019) 

Heaven or Hell: Wild West San Diego (2018)

Le Femme Tragique - Courtesan Cafe (2014)

Le Femme Tragique - Angela' Dream (Summer 2013)

Le Femme Tragique - The Mystery of Elle (Spring 2013) is the second in a series based on San Diego women. The Mystery of Elle traces with compassionate curiosity the rise and demise of the highest ranking female officer within the SDPD. The show features a cast of Butoh artists and Modern dancers who perform in counterpoint to the night dancers of Les Girls to try and hypothesis the mystery of Elle's suicide.

Le Femme Tragique - The Story of Memorie (2012) based on director Kata Pierce Morgan's recollections of experiencing grief, fear, tragedy, and ultimately salvation through her spirit to heal and survive as a former stripper. She asked her cast to explore and develop movements and characters based on the poem Desperate Prayers. The script for this show grew and focused on one moment in Kata's life when her coworker committed suicide.

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